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Bank of Beirut (Chtaura)

Chtaura, Lebanon
Built 2004

Situated at a 300-meter distance of the BLC bank completed in July 2004, the Chtaura branch of Bank of Beirut was completed on January 2006.

Chtaura is a small city located just a few kilometers from the Syrian border that was built haphazardly alongside the main highway that links the Lebanese capital to Damascus. The Bank of Beirut pavilion sits on a wedge shape site facing the main Damascus Road. It is composed of two main elements. The first is a 50-meter-long narrow and opaque wall cladded in black granite. This wall houses the safe parts of the bank and grounds them in the territory. The second element is the 18-by-13-meter glass cube placed adjacent to the wall in the middle of an open plaza. It exposes the public functions of the bank to the city.