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BLC Bank

Chtaura, Lebanon
Built 2004

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The B.L.C. Bank mission consists of a complete architectural identity package including design and decoration work. Our first assignment (2002) includes the design of the pilot branch in Beirut, which incorporates all the architectural features that will be adopted in the 37 remaining local branches. The majority of the works will be executed in existing locations throughout the country. New independent structures are also planned.
The B.L.C Bank pavilion is located in Chtaura, Lebanon, on a high traffic road, just a few kilometers away from the Syrian border. Our scheme translates the Bank's ambitious implementation strategy through highly visible urban interventions. The footprint of the building is shaped by the vehicular movement around it and the exposure of the Bank pavilion to the traffic. The plan is organized around a central lobby and an interior garden. The facade of the building is finished in black aluminum sheets with horizontal slit openings that provide framed views of the outside. Vertical glass blades are placed on the remaining portions of the facade where generous vertical openings into the Bank's gardens are located. A automated drive-through teller machine is placed at the frontal tip of the building under the roof's overhang.