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Fintas Market

Fintas, Kuwait
Aborted 2003

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Throughout the mall age, we have been accustomed to constant borrowing of foreign identities and cultural signs, which has led to the formulation of a recognized typology of simulated environments. This formulation has indirectly hindered the possibility of implementing an architecture based on the actual shopping experience. In this context, we intend to celebrate the ‘shopping experience’ as an eminent part of our contemporary culture. Kuwait is a country where shopping is a particularly important form of public & social activity. Not only does Kuwait’s climate foster controlled shopping activities but the whole country’s economic system allows the mall experience to become the pivot of contemporary culture. A ‘new’ mall in Kuwait can simply be built upon its own elements, celebrating entertainment and consumption within the shopping space. The project presents itself as an object, a symbol, and prime reference point in Fintas, Kuwait.In Collaboration with SSH.