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Solidere West Marina

Beirut Central District, Lebanon
Competition 2001

The location of the site implies a difficulty of linking the existing public Beirut “corniche” located at the western limit of the new Beirut Central district to the sea frontage scheme proposed by its new master plan / The wide “corniche” sidewalk on the sea front is one of the few remaining public places in Beirut where all social backgrounds interfere. We were asked to respond to a program that proposes the implementation of a succession of leisure activities (Restaurants, bars, retail shops) and a yacht club housing luxurious apartments with private facilities. Our project proposes a succession of terraces that constitute an artificial landscape. The section and plan construction of our proposed terraces are derived from the visibility lines that we projected at regular increments along the edge that separates the existing public “corniche” from our site, preserving the pond view to the pedestrians passing along the existing public upper promenade. The topographic variations of the existing sidewalk located at the edge of our site shapes the tectonics of the proposed inhabitable landscape.