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Yabani (R1)

Beirut, Lebanon
Aborted 2000

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The Yabani R1 building is located on the Damascus road, at the edge of the former demarcation line that separated Beirut into two sectors during the last civil war. The majority of the existing buildings in the vicinity of the Yabani site are still unrestored. Our implementation strategy consists of recognizing the difficulty of erecting a structure for the sole purpose of housing a Japanese restaurant and a music club on this particular site. Our first proposal for the Yabani project was based on the same conceptual principles that were adopted in the built project (Yabani R2) The plans proposed in Yabani R1 are almost identical to those of the executed building. Ironically, the 2 projects took completely different shapes. Yabani R1 is a 22m high building. Yabani R2 was built below ground.