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Al Ghubra Residential Complex

Ghubra, Oman
Aborted 2006

The Ghubra Residential Complex is located in Ghubra, sultanate of Oman on a 4803m2 site. Bordered on the north by a vacant governmental lot to be developed by the owner as parking / park, on the south by an administrative and technical institute, on the west by a walled empty lot of land and finally on the west by a highway.

Design elements:
The project derives its massing from the contextual characteristics mentioned above. Therefore, a first outer row of apartments is lined on the northern (park) and western (highway) edges, whereas, the inner row of apartments is introverted and arranged in a u-shape around a central garden (38mx21m) densely planted.
The complex is wrapped by a semi-transparent skin consisting of white modular precast cement panels molded in the desired pattern. The garden elevations are rhythmed by wooden blades which orient the views while preserving privacy. A colonnade of suspended flower beds closes the southern edge of the garden while a giant pergola floats over the entire project.

The program includes five typical floors of residential units consisting mainly of two to three bedroom apartments and a sixth floor of pavilion-like units with extensive terraces. A commercial strip was inserted on the ground floor along the highway.