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Rmeil 1&2 (R1)

Beirut, Lebanon
Aborted 2005

The “Rmeil 1+2” project is located on a 1070 m2 land situated on Lots # 1 and 2 in  Rmeil, a residential area of Achrafieh, Beirut, known for its active pedestrian life. The project addresses the streets on its western and southern orientations that align with Zahret Al Ihsan Street and Salim Bustros Street.  The development plans for a built-up area of 6568 m2 of commercial and residential space.
The proposed retail space is located in a independent pavilion that is detached from the body of the residential building. Pedestrian traffic at the commercial level is enhanced by a garden providing additional retail facades onto the street. “Rmeil 1+2” distinguishes itself from typical residential buildings by its prime location as well as its particular design concept, offering a wide range of different apartment types. The main body of the building is inscribed in a coherent structure around which flexible plans are arranged, avoiding corridors and providing luminous spaces. The western façade is a standard glazing system with partial openings. A wooden-clad terrace pavilion outside the main body of the building is proposed for every apartment. On the eastern façade, a longitudinal balcony stretching over the full length of the building creates an outdoor path, joining the bedrooms and the kitchen on every level. The building is implemented on its site with a generous setback from the street on its western orientation. The protruding balconies provide shading to the reception areas. The proposed tower of hanging gardens becomes the distinguishing emblem of the building; emphasizing its residential character and making it stand out from its surroundings.