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Al Khozama

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Mixed Use Development
Aborted 2008

The Khozama Project is located on 30 ha site of land approximately 12 km northwest of the Riyadh CBD.  It consists of a mixed-use program with a proposed total built-up area of  247,000 square meters. 
The program of the project focuses on the fluid and comprehensive synthesis of commercial, residential, and business components.  A central spine extends from the southern to the northern boundaries of the scheme, linking the two anchor points.  The roof of the central spine is accessible by automobile and serves as automobile parking with multiple pedestrian access points to the retail spaces below, while underground parking is provided below the bulk of the spine. 
One anchor [component C], at the southeast corner of the site (total built-up area of 19,000 square meters on a 35,000 square meter plot), is connected to the second anchor [component F], which lies at the northeast edge of the site (built-up area of 19,000square meters on a 25,000 square meter plot), by the central spine.  This circulation path allows for access to commercial areas at different zones and locations.  Cascading terraces act as extensions to the commercial surfaces.  The fluidity of the design gives these spaces room for adaptability and allows the commercial program to expand outdoors, weather permitting.  The terraces also serve to absorb the scale of the retail program.  Green spaces dilute and incorporate the mass of the anchors [components C and F] within the topography, preventing the anchors from being perceived as over-scaled blocks. 
The three signature office buildings [component D] which are located at the eastern edge of the site (footprint of 1825 square meters on a 4560 square meter plot), lie along the circulation path of the spine while simultaneously exploiting the optimal exposure they receive due to their favored location in terms of the major highway.  Additionally, these office buildings reside in a prime location to take full advantage of the various activities occurring along the terraced commercial areas, where cafes and leisure programs will be located. 
The strategic southern location of the business park [component A], which is composed of eight smaller structures (ground floor + three stories, each with a 700 square meter footprint on a 1750 square meter plot) and three larger (ground floor  + three stories, each with a 1,100 square meter footprint on a 2750 square meter plot), permits the business park to benefit from its proximity to the commercial program while concurrently maintaining a certain autonomy. 
The residential area [component B] is comprised of 46 residential quarters at the western edge of the site (ground floor + three stories, each with a 400 square meter footprint on a 1000 meter square plot), grouped around terracing gardens that progressively step down to the historic wall.  The proximity of the residential area to the commercial area enables residents to fully benefit from the synergy created between the various components of the scheme.  Simultaneously, the residences have access to, yet are shielded from, the commercial activity and highway traffic.  While it is possible to have a different environment at your doorstep, proximity does not jeopardize the quality of the residential quarters.  The residents are able to enjoy all the amenities without the disadvantages. 
Additional proposed components to the project include a mosque [component G] at the northwestern edge of the site (footprint of 1,500 square meters on a 11,000 square meter plot) and an educational center [component H] at the southwestern edge of the site (footprint of 2,600 square meters on a 6,500 square meter site).