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POW 08

Turin, Italy

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Fondazione Sandretto

YOUPrison: POW 08

Turin, Italy
12 June 2008 - 17 October 2008

The POW 08 is a self-propelled apparatus for the use of returning Prisoners of War to enemy lines.  The binary nature of the device allows POW 08 to act simultaneously as an AGI [Auxiliary Gatherer of Information] over hostile territory. Sensitive INTEL [Intelligence] is gathered through Infrared live video footage which is collected on its route.

POW 08 is manually operated by the prisoner of war and requires no mechanical propulsion. The apparatus is pushed forward by the shuffling motion of the prisoner, who, with the exclusion of the arms, is fully contained inside the device; this shuffling motion, created by arm to ground traction, is able to generate enough force to move the device. The slow moving nature of the device allows for higher quality, comprehensive video INTEL.

Due to the low-tech, manual nature of POW 08, the device preserves a high level of RAM [Reliability, Accessibility, Maintainability] and a high level of MOE [Measure of Effectiveness].

The use of POW 08 to return the prisoner renders the threat of a defensive counter attack unlikely as the device is inhabited and maneuvered strictly by the prisoner, permitting LPI [Low Probability of Intercept].

The prisoner who is enclosed inside the POW 08 has a FOV [Field of View] of zero, inducing disorientation. Due to this lack of visibility, it is essential that the prisoner follow OpOrd [Operational Order] directions, transmitted by C³ground units [Command, Control, and Communications] via radio, to insure a safe arrival at enemy lines.  The prisoner is securely harnessed inside the device, imprisoned until the apparatus reaches his arrival destination, where the prisoner may be released with outside assistance.