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B. Ivanovic Residence

Belgrade, Serbia
Aborted 2011

The Ivanovic residence site is located on a 1,500-square-meter plot. It has a 30-meter-long street façade on its northern edge and is 50 meters deep. A gentle slope of seven meters creates a steady incline from the highest point on the northern road to the lowest edge of the site, where it drops steeply into a cliff. Access to the site is from the northern side where a 12-meter frame highlights the pedestrian and vehicular access to the house. The framed entrance leads to successive transparent planes that delineate three consecutive zones, spanning 50 meters to the southern tip of the site.   The first zone acts as a buffer between the street and the entrance hall. The second zone includes the vertical circulation of the project. It is located at the center of the plan and includes a four-meter diameter spiral staircase and a transparent elevator cabin. The third zone is where the 20-meter indoor lap pool is located; here the fully glazed transparent peripheral planes vanish towards a focal point on the horizon line. The succession of spaces physically contract creating an exaggerated one point perspective open to the main panoramic view.   The intermediate level holds services in its northern edge. Facing the southern orientation, a band running east-west includes three guest bedrooms, a library and an office that overlooks the reception below.   The lower reference level, situated seven meters below street level, holds the reception, dining, and kitchen in a fully glazed pavilion that stretches out to the southern edge, opening up to the garden and an outdoor pool. This level also holds a gym, the master suite and services.