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Plot # 10283

Kferdebian, Lebanon
Aborted 2011

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Plot # 10283 is located on a 2500-square-meter plot in Faqra, Mount Lebanon at an altitude of 1,710 meters. The site has drop 11 meters from the eastern peripheral road to the lowest edge, after which its topography drops sharply on the western edge. The plot possesses unique geological formations of marine rocks which is exceptional at such an altitude. This phenomenal mineral formation leaves us with the hard task of finding a way to replace the existing topography with an architectural intervention.
Our scheme starts with the abstraction of the existing morphology of the site and its translation into triangular planes based on a 6.5-by-6.5-meter grid.

The triangulated planes along with the geometrical grid that generated them translate into the ceilings and the partitioning of the inhabited plans below. The constructed mineral roof and the surrounding mineral topography merge into a continuous landscape where the edges of our intervention meet the levels of the respective boundaries.

Within the maximum allowable height of 11 meters imposed by the local zoning law, we propose two reference levels. The first reference point (0.0 meters) on the street orientation is where both the pedestrian and vehicular entrances are located. Towards the cliff orientation, two master bedrooms and a gym face the panoramic view of the valley. The triangulated ceiling of the first reference level peaks at +5.0 meters, which was the topographical height of the previous geological formation.

The second reference level is located at -6.0 meters, where the reception, two guest suites, the kitchen, the pool and the garden terrace are located. Beyond this reference plane, the site drops off dramatically into a rocky cliff.