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Plot # 7302 (R1)

Kferdebian, Lebanon
Aborted 2012

Plot # 7302 R1 is located on a gently-sloped parcel of approximately 6,250 square meters in Kferdebian, Mount Lebanon. 1,600 meters above sea level, the plot previously housed a prefabricated residential structure which sat at the center of the large plateau, overlooking the rest of the landscaped terrain which slopes down less than three meters in the western direction.

The design of this project consisted of taking an offset from the site limits on all directions and centralizing our project on the plot, all the while maintaining view corridors all around the house. In order to avoid a deep triangular plan, which was a consequence of the offset, the center of the volume was voided out. This resulted in a scheme consisting of three different living wings which meet at three points and wrap around a central exterior courtyard.

In essence, this voided-out triangle defines a high-ceiling intervention space with operable peripheries that can thus be completely permeable and transparent. The interior of this circuit accommodates lower enclosed elements which constitute the varying programmatic components. Each of these has the ability to function autonomously within the triangular skin, yet these elements can also be opened placing them in direct relation with the surrounding garden should the exterior operable peripheries also be retracted. This renders the remaining spaces around the controlled programmatic volumes and below the defined triangular roof merely transitional spaces, completely exposed to the outside, thus blurring the limit between interior and exterior.

The central courtyard serves as a passage to enter the house, but also as a shared space between the three wings, one being the reception space overlooking the garden, the second accommodating the parents’ and children’s wing, whereas the last houses the grandparents.