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Ajman Resort

Ajman, United Arab Emirates
Mixed Use Development
Aborted 2012

The Ajman Resort is part of a touristic development carried out by Solidere International. Our intervention is part of a resort that will include four hotels with a total of 750 keys as well as recreational, retail and leisure activities.  

The site is situated along the sea front of Ajman, 25 km north east of Dubai.  

The 17,725-square-meter plot extends 185 meters deep in the eastern direction and 110 meters in width along a sandy beach.  

Our portion of the site includes 3,300 square meters of retail space, 1,125 square meters of food and beverage outlets, a 1000-square-meter open-air amphitheater and 50 independent suites on 5,240 square meters along with their respective service spaces and common areas.  

The project is centrally located in the center of the resort and in connection with three hotel complexes that are currently under development. Along the northeastern edge of our site, Piero Lissoni is designing a five star resort hotel. To the east of our plot, Allies & Morrison are proposing several structures that include hotel structures and retail space. Along the southern edge of the plot, Shigeru Ban is designing an additional hotel complex that is planned around a large water basin that penetrates deep into his part of the site.  

The visitors’ access to the project and vehicular drop off are from the village main road through the southeastern part of the development.  

As specified by the master plan guidelines, the footprint of our intervention shall not exceed 40% of the plot. All proposed structures should not exceed 2 floors on the sea front portion of the site, and four floors in the deeper portion of the site.  

Our scheme is developed on two reference levels:
The southeastern portion of the site where the public entrance of our project is located is 3.5 meters higher than the beachfront. This higher reference plane includes the reception pavilion and another 50 freestanding independent suites that are connected by shaded passages and bridges. The suites have generously glazed and open facades along their peripheries, in stark contrast with their individual private courtyards that are open to the sky.  

Along the sea front edge of the site, one level lower than the public access, retail and entertainment pavilions are planed around open-air gardens and under the higher reference level where the hotel suites are located. The shaded promenade along and around the retail pavilions provides alternative routes around the proposed open gardens.  

The two reference levels are connected by the steps of the proposed open-air amphitheater that extends upwards and is topped by a private lounge that acts as the crown of the public venue.  

The façade of the project is defined by ashading structure that extends horizontally above the suites, folds around the built masses and wraps the pavilions with slanted oblique planes. The perforated façade appears like a continuous white carpet along the whole site.