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Plot # 2046

Kornet Chehwane, Lebanon
Aborted 2014

Located in Kornet Chehwane, a northeastern suburb of Beirut, Plot # 2046 is a private residence to be housed within a site of approximately 3,800 square meters of surface area, with an allowable built-up area of 1,900 square meters. A flagrant scene at first sight, the plot materializes as an extremely dense forest of tall pines occupying what seems to be an islet which culminates in an elevated mound. Our design strategy consisted in preserving this lush pinery by allowing for its experience when ascending the hill along an access route that does not impact it, leading to our intervention which culminates above the trees. Evocative of a floating cloud casting its shadow on the main entrance and access route below, the structure houses a program consisting of a shaded outdoor drop-off entrance, with upper levels housing the residential programmatic functions, an outdoor swimming pool, a vast terrace, as well as suspended gardens and patios animating the inner portions of the slabs. The proposed scheme culminates at the top of the cloud, a newly established reference level in total suspension above the top of the pinery mound. This accessible plane provides outstanding panoramic views on all orientations, and is crowned by an oversized revolving lighting fixture which rotates to illuminate the various elements of the mound, from the entrance to the numerous suspended terraces.