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Kuwait Free Trade Zone Office Park

Built 2013

The Alargan office complex is located in the expanding new area of the Kuwait Free Trade Zone.

We propose to group the 17 allocated plots of land to allow the site to be read as an island lot at the tip of the peninsula.

The office buildings are laid out on a perimeter oval ring to allow for a vast central park in the center of the project. The independent pavilions are connected by shading structures above the gaps and between the buildings to allow for a continuous reading of the façade while retaining the independence of each pavilion. The project is introverted towards its central garden. Views to the exterior are framed by long slit windows that provide selected views of the surrounding context while maintaining privacy and protection to the office spaces. The occupants of the offices are exposed to the generous landscape through wide slab-to-slab transparent openings looking inwards.

In the center of the garden we propose an independent pavilion that should incorporate additional optional facilities such as a restaurant, gym, office services…We propose to finish the street facades with composite aluminum panels pierced by long slit window openings. On the upper portion of the street façade, a “crown-ring” incorporates the signage which should be built as a continuous light box provided by low energy consumption fluorescent light tubes. The facades that are oriented towards the interior garden should be transparent frames with fixed tempered laminated glass panels that span from floor to ceiling on both levels of the structure.