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Kuwait Palace

Fintas, Kuwait
Aborted 2004

The preliminary program proposed for the residence incorporates a number of exceptional activities that reflect the interests of our client. A pavilion is allocated for every function of the residence. The family quarters are conceived as a semi -autonomous pavilion. The formal receptions can be held in other autonomous quarters of the property. This architectural strategy of breaking up the scale of the residence from one entity to several pavilions gives a more domestic human feel to the residence. Pavilions are connected by luminous passages that accentuate the impression of travel from one pavilion to the other. The gaps between the pavilions are landscaped bringing the greenery into the house. The residence is located on an exceptional stretch of beach in Fintas, Kuwait. We propose to place all pavilions facing the sea front therefore giving all the inhabitable areas of the house an exceptional view. To further enhance the strong relationship with the water, the residence extends two ‘arms’ into the sea : On one hand, a channel reaches out 400m into the sea in order to accommodate the Sheikh’s yacht facing the central axis of the residence. Another ‘arm’ reaches out onto the water; it should incorporate a deck/fence with a swimming pool and an outdoor kitchen. Beyond the coastal sand belt, the pavilions are placed on a 180m wide ‘deck’ that partially reveals the green ‘carpet’ of landscaping which extends in land throughout the site.