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Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU)

AGBU FOCUS 2017: Focus on Art

Beirut, Lebanon
5 August 2017

Università Iuav di Venezia

W.A.V.E. 2017

Venice, Italy
30 June 2017

Art Basel

Creative Cities Talk | Culture for Urban Identity

Basel, Switzerland
17 June 2017

Days of Architecture

Days of Architecture 2017: Continuous Interior

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
20 May 2017

King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC)

2017 NEXT Powerbrands Festival

King Abdullah Economic City, Saudi Arabia
28 March 2017

ESA Business School & Meref-CCI France Liban

Meref-CCI France Liban Conference in partnership with the ESA Business School

Beirut, Lebanon
15 March 2017


Banque du Liban Accelerate

BDL Accelerate 2016 Keynote

Beirut, Lebanon
4 November 2016

Bauhaus University

13. International Bauhaus Colloquium 2016: Dust and Data

Weimar, Germany
28 October 2016

Oris House of Architecture

Days of Oris 16 Symposium

Zagreb, Croatia
15 October 2016

Second University of Naples

Department of Architecture & Industrial Design Lecture Series: Without Ceiling

Naples, Italy
4 October 2016

İstanbul Bilgi University

Architectural Design Graduate Program: Summer School Studio Public Lecture

Istanbul, Turkey
29 July 2016

Kosovo Architecture Foundation (KAF)

Prishtina Architecture Week 2016: Inclusivity

Prishtina, Kosovo
6 July 2016

Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC)

IAAC Spring Lecture Series 2016

Barcelona, Spain
9 May 2016

American University of Beirut (AUB)

AUB 150th Anniversary: Bernard Khoury in dialogue with Lamia Joreige

Beirut, Lebanon
3 May 2016

Alaska Design Forum

Future Tense 2015-2016 Lecture Series (Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau)

Alaska, United States
25, 26, 27 April 2016

Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)

Otis 2015-2016 Donghia Designer-in-Residence Lecture

Los Angeles, California, United States
16 March 2016


Dubai Design Week

Keynote Speech: Local Heroes

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
26 October 2015

Malaysian Institute of Architects

PAM Public Lectures 2014/15: Scenarios & SItuations

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
29 July 2015

PLATFORM Architecture and Design / Publicomm

Conversazioni sull' Architettura

Milan, Italy
17 June 2015

Fundación Arquitectura y Sociedad

Campus Internacional Ultzama 2015: Build the Built

Pamplona, Spain
12 June 2015

MAXXI Museum's Education Department

The Museum Among School Desks

Rome, Italy
29 May 2015

Institut Français du Liban (IFL) & Institut Français du Proche-Orient (IFPO)

Rencontres "Espaces Publics à Beyrouth: Vie, Mort, Renaissance?"

Beirut, Lebanon
20 May 2015

Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT)

College of Architecture's Public Lecture: Rethinking Metropolis

Chicago, Illinois, United States
22 April 2015

INTERNI Magazine & Italcementi Group


Milan, United States
14 April 2015

University of Miami

School of Architecture CURRENTS Lecture Series

Miami, Florida, United States
31 March 2015

Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA)

AIA Baltimore Spring 2015 Lecture Series

Baltimore, Maryland, United States
25 March 2015

Lebanese University

Fundamentalists and Other Arab Modernisms

Beirut, Lebanon
4 March 2015

Sri Lanka's Institute of Architects

SLIA Conference 2015: Conversations with the Sky

Colombo, Sri Lanka
18 February 2015

Architectural Association's Visiting School

Mittelmeerland VI Symposium

Izmir, Turkey
7 February 2015

Université Saint-Esprit De Kaslik

Recent Work

Beirut, Lebanon
6 February 2015


Polypodium Season 5

Beirut, Lebanon
4 February 2015


Columbia University's GSAAP

Architecture and Representation: The Arab City

New York City, United States
21 November 2014

Ordre des Architectes Midi Pyrénéens and Maison de l'Architecture

Les Rendez-vous de l'Architecture

Toulouse, France
20 November 2014


ARCHMARATHON Awards: N.B.K. Residence (2)

Milan, Italy
15 November 2014

Stad en Architectuur Cultural Center

2014-2015 AUDITORIUM Lecture Series: Architecture and Power

Leuven, Belgium
6 November 2014

Ashkal Alwan

Home Workspace Program 2014-15 Workshop: Setups / Situations / Institutions

Beirut, Lebanon
15 October 2014

European Commission and the Fundació Mies van der Rohe for the Venice Biennale

European-ness Porosity Symposium

Venice, Italy
6 June 2014

Venice Observatory - Columbia University's GSAPP CCCP Program for the Venice Biennale

First Salon of the Failed Architecture Biennale: Reclaiming Modernity

Venice, Italy
6 June 2014

Technical University of Darmstadt

Drive-by Shooting

Darmstadt, Germany
28 May 2014


IBDF - Mexico Design Week

C'était un Rendez-vous

Mexico City, Mexico
23 October 2013

Architecture Fund

Kaunas Architecture Festival: Water and the City

Kaunas, Lithuania
10 October 2013

Studio-X Amman Lab by Columbia University's GSAPP

Architecture & Representation

Amman, Jordan
5 October 2013

CSBE Student Award for Excellence in Architectural Design

The Omrania

Amman, Jordan
30 September 2013

Malnad Architecture School Alumni

"Design Matters" Annual Lecture Event by MASA

Bangalore, India
21 September 2013

American University of Beirut (AUB)

INJAZ Lebanon's 7th National Competition for Young Entrepreneurs

Beirut, Lebanon
31 August 2013

American University of Sharjah

Lecture Series - Beyond Surface: Contemporary Architecture and the Middle East

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
8 April 2013

Studio-X Amman Lab by Columbia University's GSAPP

X-Week.5 on Knowledge, Mobility and Infrastructure

Amman, Jordan
18 March 2013


Graz University of Technology

November Talks 2012 – Positions on Contemporary Architecture

Graz, Austria
5 November 2012

TEDx Yerevan

Embracing Change - Interventions in Problematic Zones

Yerevan, Armenia
29 September 2012

Architectural Association's Visiting School

Mittelmeerland III Symposium

Beirut, Lebanon
16 April 2012

Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts

Khalil Khouri Vu par Bernard Khoury

Beirut, Lebanon
5 March 2012

Ecole Spéciale d'Architecture

Bernard Khoury 1968 - 2012

Paris, France
1 March 2012

Bab Al Bahrain

Capital of Arab Culture 2012: Exploring Social Interaction

Manama, Bahrain
17 February 2012


The Architectural League of New York at the Cooper Union

Fall 2011 Lecture Series - Where the Hell are the Arabs?

New York City, United States
3 November 2011

Columbia University's GSAAP

Fall 2011 GSAAP Lectures - What is the Present in the Middle East?

New York City, United States
2 November 2011

Barcelona Institute of Architecture

Fall 2011 Open Lectures - Combat Architecture

Barcelona, Spain
12 September 2011

Rhein-Main Summer of Architecture

Recent Work

Wiesbaden, Germany
31 August 2011

Royal Institute of British Architects

Public and Civic Spaces in the Arab world Talks Series

London, United Kingdom
12 July 2011

FestArch International Architecture Festival by Abitare

City and Anti-city

Perugia, Italy
3 June 2011

Mikser Festival


Belgrade, Serbia
27 May 2011

American University of Beirut (AUB)

Talk 20 Beirut I 5th Edition

Beirut, Lebanon
1 April 2011

Colloque International d'Architecture

Plan B

Geneva, Switzerland
22 January 2011


MAXXI National Museum of XXI Century Arts

Lo SPAZIO delle parole

Rome, Italy
2 December 2010

Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD)

Recent Work

Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
20 November 2010

Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli (SUN)

Second University of Naple Lecture Series

Naples, Italy
3 June 2010

Politecnico di Milano

Recent Work

Milan, Italy
1 June 2010

Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine

Entretiens de Chaillot

Paris, France
17 May 2010

French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF)

World Nomads Lebanon: Architecture Series

New York City, United States
6 May 2010

Beirut Art Center

Conversation between Bernard Khoury and Rudy Ricciotti

Beirut, Lebanon
24 February 2010


Museum of Modern Art of Malmo - Swedish Association of Architects

Recent Work

Malmo, Sweden
5 December 2009

Museum of Contemporary Art of Detroit (MOCAD)

New Wars in Progress

Detroit, Michigan, United States
9 October 2009

University of Michigan

Penny Stamp Distingued Lecture Series

Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States
8 October 2009

The Berlin University of the Arts (UDK)

New Wars In Progress

Berlin, Germany
8 June 2009

Arizona State University

Architecture in Contexts of War

Phoenix, Arizona, United States
9 February 2009


Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne


Lausanne, Switzerland
18 December 2008

Instituto Cervantes

Les Nouvelles Facons d'Habiter la Ville

Beirut, Lebanon
1 December 2008

XXXIII UIA World Congress of Architecture

The Cities in Crisis and the Hope of Architecture

Turin, Italy
30 June 2008

The Danish Architecture Centre (DAC)

Metropolis Laboratory IV: Creative Urban Processes

Copenhagen, Denmark
26 June 2008

Banff Sessions 2008

Emerge - Exploring the possibilities, inspirations and innovations of design

Banff, Alberta , Canada
18 April 2008

The Lebanese Association for Plastic Arts, Ashkal Alwan

Homeworks IV: A Forum on Cultural Practices

Beirut, Lebanon
14 April 2008

Tasmeem Doha Design Conference

Design at the crossroads

Doha, Qatar
3 March 2008

Perth International Arts Festival

Recent Work

Perth, Australia
18 February 2008

RAIA International

EcoEdge II

Melbourne, Australia
14 February 2008


Traffic Design Gallery

aauaevent 06: Beyond Modernity - Building in the Arab World

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
23 October 2007

The International Center for Transitional Justice

Memorialization and Democracy: State Policy and Civic Action

Santiago, Chile
20 June 2007

Madinat Conference Hall

International Design Forum

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
27 May 2007

Bauhaus University


Weimar, Germany
8 May 2007


Century Association

Forum for Urban Design

New York City, United States
10 November 2006

University of Cyprus

Post-War Beirut

Nicosia, Cyprus
18 October 2006

St. David’s

Urban Legacies: Another New Babylon

Cardiff Wales, United Kingdom
5 October 2006

Serpentine Gallery and The Institute of Contemporary Arts

Discover Design Forum

London, United Kingdom
21 September 2006

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Combat Architecture

Boston, Massachusetts, United States
2 March 2006

American University of Sharjah

Revitalizing Historic Cities

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
15 February 2006


The Middle East Architecture / Design Conference & Exhibition

The City’s Historical Preservation in the Framework of Economic Development

Kuwait City, Kuwait
6 December 2005

International Congress at Salone Brunelleschiano of the Ospedale degli Innocent

Combat Architecture

Florence, Italy
3 December 2005

Technical University (TU ,Vienna) at the Museum of Applied Arts (MAK, Vienna)

Changing Strategies

Vienna, Austria
24 October 2005

Cityscape Global: World Architecture Congress

Local planning - Understanding Place.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
18 September 2005

Aluminium du Maroc & Jacob Delafon

De Casablanca a Beyrouth

Casablanca, Morocco
1 July 2005

The Anaphiel Foundation

The 21st Century Arts School

Miami, United States
21 May 2005

Royal Academy of Arts

Royal Academy of Arts Architecture Program

London, United Kingdom
21 March 2005

Norwegian University of Science & Technology

NTNU Faculty of Architecture & Fine Arts Lectures

Trondheim, Norway
28 January 2005

Oslo Association of Architects

OAA Lectures Series

Oslo, Norway
27 January 2005


University of California Berkeley

UC Berkeley Lectures Series

San Francisco, California, United States
29 September 2004

California College of the Arts

CCA Lecture Series

San Francisco, California, United States
27 September 2004

Triennale de Milano

Utopia and Betrayal, Festival of Architecture

Milan, Italy
20 May 2004

Universitad International De Catalunya

Colegio de Arquitectos de Catalunya Lecture Series

Barcelona, Spain
18 May 2004

Centre pour l'image Contemporaine

Beyrouth entre Memoire et Reconstruction

Geneva, Switzerland
1 May 2004

University of Waterloo

Arriscraft Lectures Series

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
25 March 2004

University of British Colombia

U.B.C Lectures Series

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
23 March 2004


Plan B, Bernard Khoury

Zurich, Switzerland
12 January 2004


University of Miami

Recent Work

Miami, Florida, United States
10 November 2003

Harvard University Graduate School of Design (GSD)

G.S.D Lecture Series

Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
7 November 2003

Cityscape 2003 Conference

Recent Work

Dubai, United States
18 October 2003

Rhode Island School of Design

Bernard Khoury, Recent Work

Providence, Rhode Island, United States
6 October 2003

American University of Dubai

Identity in the Third Millenium

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
17 May 2003

City of Munich, Department of Arts and Cultures

Urban Visions

Munich, Germany
30 April 2003



Cities on the Edge

Melbourne, Australia
11 October 2002

House of World Cultures


Berlin, Germany
14 June 2002


American University Of Beirut (AUB)

A.U.B Lectures

Beirut, Lebanon
14 November 2001

Enzimi Centro Artisti

Nuovo Existenz.. Nuovo Minimum

Rome, Italy
30 September 2001

Aquario Romano

Zone Attive

Rome, Italy
14 June 2001


Centre des Congrès De Saint-Etienne

Biennale Internationale Design St-Etienne 2000

Saint-Etienne, France
11 October 2000

Techmishe Universitat Darmstadt

Techmishe Universitat Darmstadt Lectures

Darmstadt, Germany
19 April 2000

Triennale De Milano

Ricostruzioni Beirut Berlino Sarajevo

Milan, Italy
20 March 2000


Rice School of Architecture

Rice Lecture Series

Houston, Texas, United States
20 September 1999