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Abu Khalil Qabbani Cultural Center

Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic
Aborted 2005

The object of this project is to provide a gallery space for visual arts. The project is located in the ruins of Abou Khalil Kabbani’s house. The site was chosen in reference to his pioneer work for theater in Syria and the Arab world. In its present condition, the existing structure is in ruins. We chose to keep the old walls “as they are” while the new additions should keep a distance from the structure both conceptually and structurally.

The visitors approach to the location from the southern and eastern directions is dominated by the remains of the old ruin, while the new intervention is clearly read as a long stretched landmark visible from the northern hillside of Damascus. The new addition is placed cantilever over the retaining walls beneath which are preserved in their existing condition. From the inside, the 30 m long widow frames an exceptional view of the rivers and hills of Damascus of which the “Kiwan” is renowned for.
In collaboration with Tarek Kamel.