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Kornael Residence

Aborted 2008

Kornael Residence is located in the central sector of Mount Lebanon at an altitude of approximately 1200 meters.
It is situated in Zone  3, Plots # 64, 65, 66, 67 of Al Salam Residential Development project.
Overlooking towards the North, the residence functions benefit from the panoramic views of mountains and of pine / oak tree forests.
An interlocking wooden structure stretches along the land inclination translating a rhythmic pattern of void / solid and shade / light roof projection.
An uninterrupted stairway extends throughout the central axis of the intervention, allowing direct accessibility from the upper main road and the lower secondary road, and linking the following functions successively:
- The higher level: occupies the main reception from the western side, and the open family
living/dining / kitchenette from the eastern side.
- The intermediate level: accommodates for the master suite as well as the leisure suite (swimming pool/Jacuzzi/gym/ steam & sauna…)
- The lower level: allows privacy for guests and children’s bedrooms.
All platforms extend transversally to the outer terrain, allowing immersion into the existing natural topographical levels of the terrain. Simultaneously, significant open terraces prolong the interior spaces longitudinally, enhancing  visual exposure to the remarkable panoramic view.