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Banque Libano Francaise

Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic
Built 2008

The Damascus branch is the latest project in a relationship with the Banque Libano Francaise that has spanned almost ten years and over 30 built outlets.
For bank’s expansion into Damascus, they purchased an incomplete structure consisting of a podium base for commercial use and a recessed tower for office space. This shell, made up of concrete slabs and vertical structural elements, provided an existing shape and a set morphology. Therefore the intervention was in the treatment of the façade.
Rather than elaborating on the existing structure, the building was reduced to the most abstract expression of its masses. It was enveloped in a continuous curtain wall, treated by a process of ceramic frit. The thin vertical lines create a veil like effect that is at once opaque and transparent. The original masses and voids disappear but the visual link between interior and exterior is maintained.