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The Long Way Hub

Sebha, Libya
Aborted 2009

An open ended development stretching over 5 kilometers in length with an average width of 120 meters, the Sebha hub can extend over 750,000 square meters of land. Its program suggests future activities and infrastructure that would contribute to the development of economic and touristic sectors on both national and regional levels.

The proposed project would revitalize Sebha’s present role as a capital and transit hub of the central Fezzan region. The scale and nature of our operation is beyond that of the mere assemblage of buildings and infrastructure.

Our intervention distinguishes itself from the generic urbanity of most recent large scale developments in the region. In the absence of clearly defined territorial boundaries, the amount of urban substance required by the project can be configured in many different ways.
We propose to explore the potential of multiple approaches for implementing the proposed project on its hypothetical territory. The proposed scenario explores potential networks of low rise built masses connected by open courtyards that would facilitate the connection, superposition and ultimate interaction between the different components of the project. In order to achieve exceptional urban fabric, we propose the development of narrow blocks, which imply a continuous relative proximity to the edge of the development thus avoiding the hierarchy of primary and secondary arteries. All locations would benefit from the prime visibility on the main arteries.