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Plot PJTRH00

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Aborted 2013

Certain cities develop at a staggering speed, seeking modernity and yearning for an identity.

In the process of their hastened development, these cities replicate models too often imported and blindly reproduced, seeking meaning in superlative gesticulations.

This city suffers from an overdose of formal gestures.

The unparalleled images that it strives for and has thus generated to date lack contextual significance. From the tallest tower on the planet to coastal developments visible via satellite, the story of this city is materializing through an architecture that has rarely attempted to transgress the all too often literal metaphors and representations.

Our proposal is more experiential than representational.

The scheme is comprised of ten topographical plates in suspension, elevated and seemingly hovering at an altitude of up to 140 meters. Unlike typical residential towers consisting of repeated floor plates contained within a defined envelope, our dwellings occupy an open-air topography.

Our project is founded on the desire to create an extraordinary experience, conceiving gardens and constructing terrains to be inhabited at improbable altitudes.