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Mixed Use Development
Aborted 2005

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Located in the expanding seafront of Kuwait (30 KM Southeast of the centre of Kuwait City), the Aranda Complex is the largest private sector development in Kuwait with over three hundred thousand square meters of built up area. The developer’s vision is to combine different program components on 2 plots of land of 54 000 m2 and 12 000 m2 divided by a coastal road. The Aranda Complex is to stand out among its neighbors with a cutting edge architectural scheme.
The program is composed of 2 residential towers, a hospital, a shopping mall and a hotel that are serviced by a sloping driveway lifting the project on a new reference level (+12.00m). This new reference level allows the complex to integrate the car circulation underneath the elevated topography accommodating all the parking and service levels.
- The southern residential tower accommodates different types and surfaces of high-end apartments that are exclusively for sale.  Each apartment has its own identification on the façade through a combination of features such as Tree beds, Cantilevered Jacuzzis, overhanging Pergolas or suspended Balconies. Standing on the rooftop, 8 duplex villas reveal breathtaking views on the Kuwait gulf.

- The Northern tower accommodates a mix of residences and offices for rent. A split in the center of the building provides a void in which six independent villas are superposed over a private circulation core.

- On the southern portion of the site a 150 beds Hospital block is proposed providing the services that are expected from a contemporary medical institution.

- Complementing the residential and medical complex, a shopping mall is proposed under the extruded landscape enjoying a clear visibility on the adjacent coastal road without interfering with the private sectors of the project.

- The Hotel located on the seashore is connected to the complex through a pedestrian bridge that overpasses the coastal road. It comprises the entertainment facility of the Aranda complex. The building incorporates a 92 Keys hotel with spa and fitness facilities, sea view restaurants, a business center, a ball room and all necessary back of house facilities. On the rooftop level of the hotel, an elevated belvedere reads as an informal space generating a spectacular relationship between the various components of the project.In collaboration with SSH.